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Intuitive brand coaching + design for purposeful entrepreneurs

You deserve a business that allows you to live well, give greatly, and earn with ease—minus the hustle.

Hi there! I’m Megan McCarthy, intuitive branding coach and creative strategist.

My passion is helping you bring out your best—in your business, your brand, and your life.

Over the past 15 years of working as a professional designer, traveling the world, and living abroad, I’ve created a life and business I love and it’s my great pleasure to support you in doing the same.

If I’m speaking your language, scroll on!

Is your marketing holding you back, or even hurting your business?

If you’re like most people who reach out to me, it might be as if…

you feel disconnected

You can’t seem to find the perfect message or the right voice to communicate it, so you’re not reaching the right audience (or, any audience, ugh).

you feel undervalued

The quality you offer doesn’t match how you look, and you’re losing precious sales. Does your business quality say “fine dining”, but your brand quality says “fast food”…?

you feel lost

You don’t know where to begin, or where to go next. You’re overwhelmed and feeling out of your depths.

Good news! When we work together, a new world of confidence will open up for you.

Once we empower you with branding aligned with your goals, you’ll be much more confident in your ability to…

become more impactful

With custom branding crafted around your unique purpose, you’ll have all the right tools to reach the right people, finally!

become more profitable

You’ll be able to charge higher prices, work with more select clientele, and focus on doing what you do best.

become more aligned

By aligning your brand with the value you offer, you’ll see better results and feel confident moving forward.

No matter where you are in your journey, I’ll guide your passion and purpose to greater profit.

Getting off the ground?

Great! We can start from square one.

Feeling stuck or ready to scale?

Perfect! We can pivot and polish from exactly where you are.

Overdue for an overhaul?

Fantastic! We have a tremendous opportunity.

Let’s work together!

From your mindset to your marketing, I’m here to guide your business to the next level.


Get clear steps forward with a 360° Brand Alignment

Craving a strategic heart-to-heart and clear priorities to take your business to the next level?

 Let’s quiet the noise and find clarity for YOUR unique business journey during a 360° Brand Alignment Session.

There’s more than one way to grow a business, so it’s normal to feel unclear about your next steps or simply wonder about ways to improve. Before you invest more into your marketing, let’s do a 360-degree audit of where you are, map out your goals, and create an action plan for how to get you there. (Hint: it means making LESS work for you, not more!)

Your 360° Brand Alignment Session includes:

Business/life goals workbook • 360-degree branding audit • Customized action plan • 90-minute strategy session • 30 days of follow-up support via email

Investment: $360

Megan helped me clarify my idea, identify what language to use, and she walked me through how to market my project. When all was said and done, I made 6 times what I expected to make! I highly recommend!

Natalie Mangrum, Own Your Story course creator


Bring your dream brand to life with Branding Pro Sessions

Ready to attract your dream clients?

Together, we’ll create all the goodies to magnetize your brand during Branding Pro Sessions.

You deserve the strategy, logo, website, and marketing presence of your dreams! But you don’t deserve to lose customers while waiting weeks or months for the development. That’s why I condensed my 15+ years of design and development experience into an efficient and effective process. We’ll get you up and running quickly and confidently—in a matter of days.

We’ll prioritize what your business needs most in your Branding Pro Session

Here are a few examples of what we could work on:

Using my super simple approach, we’ll define and clarify a solid foundation for all of your branding and marketing to grow from. From your vision, mission, and values to your unique approach and dream client profile, you’ll leave our session with the clear, tangible story of your unique brand.

Let’s bring your dream brand to life! With a magnetic logo, custom color and font selections, and a brand style guide tying it all together, your business will finally look on the outside how it feels on the inside (or maybe even more powerful!)

Yes, we can design and build a custom website for you in as little as one day! I’ll help you determine whether Squarespace, Wix or WordPress is the best platform for your business. We’ll create a sophisticated, powerful, and SEO-optimized website you’re excited to send people to.

How good would it feel to knock out a whole quarter’s worth of content marketing planning, in just one day? We can set up your content calendar and create the resources you’ll need to execute successfully.

When your visual identity and website are established, we can continue growing your brand presence with any special projects you want to prioritize:

  • Email marketing templates and auto sequence set-up
  • Lead magnet design
  • Sales page creation
  • Canva branded templates
  • Social media marketing
  • Presentation and course materials design
  • Brochures, booklets, business card, flyers
  • And more!


Discovery call • Guided prep work • Pre-workday strategy session • My 7-hour dedicated workday exclusively focused on creating your dream brand through design and strategy of the priorities we identify for you • Delivery of goodies created • 30 days of follow-up support to help you get the most out of what we create

investment: $1,350

“We absolutely love the logo and branding work that you’ve created. We think the design captures exactly what we want to be reflected and your day model is brilliant. Thank you so much!”

Beth Vopper, New Spirit Old Soul


Create consistency and maintain momentum with 1:1 Brand Coaching

Wish you could keep me in your pocket on your business-building journey?

Brand guidance, business alignment, and life balance—you can have it all with 1:1 Brand Coaching!

This is not a group program! You’ll get direct 1:1 support with accountability, creative direction, marketing expertise, and business/life balance coaching all in one. With regular progress meetings and unlimited offline support via email and Voxer, I’m your business BFF 😉

Brand Coaching is personalized to you! Here are some topics we might focus on:

Your goals in life and business

Money and mindset

Setting the stage for success: habits & measurements

Personal branding: being authentic, setting boundaries

Creating your offerings and pricing structure

Defining your dream client & target audience

Creating your unique brand platform

Accountability for your marketing efforts

Learning to prioritize and delegate

Creative direction on your brand development

Identify opportunities for growth

Competitor analysis, not paralysis

Exploring niches

Defining your platform

Establishing your identity

Visibility and marketing

Selling: an invitation to grow

Managing it all: software and tools

1:1 Brand coaching INCLUDES:

360° Brand Alignment Session


Bi-weekly 40-minute 1:1 strategy sessions • Unlimited creative direction, brainstorming, brand guidance, and strategic support via email, text and voice messages • Resources, exercises, and connections to assist your progress


3 months: $1,000 or $350 x 3 payments

6 months: $2,000 or $350 x 6 payments

Megan understands design is not where things end but where they begin. She constantly reminds me it’s what we next do with the design that matters: how we use it to get my audience to engage with content, the importance of keeping that content fresh on my platforms.

Peter Bruun, Bruun Studios

The alignment of making a living and making a life is a constant evolution, and the journey is much sweeter when we can share the highs and lows with someone we trust. I’ve built a business to support the life I love, and now I want to support you in doing the same!

meet megan

Why work with me?

I’ve experienced very much how it feels to live and work NOT in alignment with yourself—but I made it to the other side and now I want to guide you there too. This I learned the way most of us do—the hard way!

In 2016, after a decade of working as a designer in American corporations and agencies, I completely burned out and got really sick (acute viral meningitis SUCKS).

Fortunately and with time, I recovered completely and left my home country to explore the world with only my backpack and a laptop. As I funded my travels through Europe and Asia with remote freelance projects, my appreciation grew for all the different ways we can live and earn.

This season let me discover my true values, and I crafted a new life prioritizing them. For five years now I’ve been based in Barcelona, working with independent creatives all over the world, and still traveling to explore new places!

It hasn’t always been simple—a corporate hangover followed me for a long time as I struggled to find alignment—but patience and persistence have been so fruitful, as well as the support of mentors and coaches along the way.

No matter the stage you’re in, it brings me great joy to support you in your own journey!

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